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476 Skilled Recognised Graduate visa

What is 476 Skilled Recognised Graduate visa?

Nothing is more thrilling to an engineer than finding a job in a country recognized for its top society, highest pay, and high quality of life. One of the most sought-after routes that offer this possibility includes visa 476 (Australia) (Skilled Recognized Graduation).

This skilled-recognized graduate visa (476 Skilled Recognised Graduate visa) is a short-term visa for engineers who have just graduated from accredited institutions. The permit allows working in Australia and is qualified for permanent residence or a proviso skilled visa.

A Document Checklist for a 476 Skilled Recognised Graduate visa

Suppose you’re planning to submit a visa application, 476. In that case, you must make sure you have the following documents in your possession: You must present a copy of the information pages of your passport and other identification documents. If you own one, this could be an ID card and any other documents that prove that your name has changed (if relevant).

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1. Documents for Qualification

To prove that you are a graduate of engineering from an accredited college, you must submit a copy of your transcripts and a certificate of completion, including your course’s completion date.

2. Evidence of English Proficiency in English

English, you must provide proof that you speak an excellent level of language at the time you apply for this application.

3. A Proof of Character

Depending on whose helping you submit form 956 or form 956a,

If you’re Applying with Your Partner, You Must Include:

  • Their identities
  • Marriage documents
  • Evidence of connection

For Dependents Fewer than 18, Include:

  •  A parental permission form 1229
  •  A statutory declaration

Who Can Apply for an 476 Skilled Recognised Graduate visa?

There are specific requirements for the 476 skill graduate visas that must fulfill by the applicant before making an application. If you are the applicant, the Australian Visa Subclass 476 will grant only if you meet the requirements to be eligible for it.

  • Apply for one of the 476 visas when you are in the country or the world.
  • Members, · If you’re a Visa subclass 444 holder, you and your family members can travel anywhere in the world when the permit is in place.
  •  It is unnecessary to be the primary visa holder of Subclass 485 or Subclass 476 visas.

The Eligibility Criteria To Eligible For A Graduate Skilled Visa (Subclass 476)

Below are the criteria to be eligible for this visa:

To be eligible, the applicant must have earned an engineering degree. The applicant must be a member of either of these groups:

  • Civil engineering
  • structural engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Engineering in electronics and electrical systems
  • production, mechanical, and plant engineering.
  • Mining and material engineering


The Skilled Recognized Graduate visa (476) costs USD 490. There are separate fees for each family member applying with the primary applicant. Additionally, you will have to pay additional fees for biometrics, health checks, and police certifications.

How Long Does It Take For Visa 476 Applications To Processed?

On March 20, 2020, Australian Immigration said that 75 percent of applications in subclass 476 were processed in about 13 months or less, while 10 percent took more than 17 months. At present, immigration is unable to provide a typical processing time because of COVID-19. The visa processing times are subject to change each month because they are the actual dates for visa processing in the preceding month.

Do You Want to Include Your Relatives on This Visa?

Australia recognizes that family is a crucial part of There is a variety of instances where applicants do not take their application seriously due to many issues with their relatives’ visas. Although the subclass visa is generally aimed at engineering graduates who have sufficient working experience or who plan to pursue studies within the nation, your family unit may eligible for this visa. With this type of visa, some family members are included, including you or your spouse and your partner’s children or stepchildren.

Which Are the Most Recent Regulations Regarding Subclass 476 Visa?

A qualification in Engineering is among the primary qualifications for 476 Skilled Recognised Graduate visa. Subclass 476 Visa. If you are applying for a skilled recognized visa, in contrast to general immigration visas, it is unnecessary to submit a point-based application. In the beginning, the eligibility of your application will be established in this regard that the subclass 476 visa requires all applicants to satisfy the following requirements to be considered qualified.

The Most Recent Rules In This Category Include

If you are applying, you must be under 31 years old. Earned an Engineering degree from an accredited university in the last two years. You are not the sole applicant for Subclass 476 visa or the Subclass 476 Visa or the 485 key before. You have to prove that you have English proficiency.

Other requirements include graduating from one of the NBA accredit institutions in India because it is an official signatory to the Washington Accord in India. As part of this visa, you’re permit to stay in Australia but only for a time of 18 months.

The amount the applicant must pay as a visa fee is AUD 365, equivalent to roughly 1788 rupees. The process of obtaining the visa could take three or four months. After you have passed the English Proficiency test, there are a variety of other tests and certifications you must die. They include health checks to ensure there’s an enlightened immigration process taking place in the country.

Also, you will require a police certification to prove that there aren’t any criminal convictions against you if you’ve stayed longer than a year in the past ten years. If you’re planning to relocate with your family, every member must have police clearance. Also, you must provide authentic copies certified a third party to prove their authenticity.

How Long Will 476 Visas Take Complete The Process?

How long do Visa 476 applications require to process? Seventy-five per cent of applications for subclass 476 were processed in thirteen months or less to process, while 10% required more than 17 months.For the moment, Immigration is unable to give any average processing times because of COVID-19.

How Do I Change My 476 Visa To PR To Used In Australia?

The skilled, recognized student visa (subclass 476) is a visa for a short period for engineers who have just graduated from recognized institutions. The permit allows you to live and work in Australia and qualify for permanent residency or a temporary skilled visa.

Why is my 476 Visa delayed?

The primary reason for delays of Subclass 476 Visas is the improper filing of applications. Most delays are caused mistakes and omissions made to candidates (especially applicants who self-apply). There may be mistakes when uploading the visa documents.

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