It is a short-term 407 Training Visa that is granted to those who are participating in a training course. The training program could be designed to improve your skills in your current position or area of study at a higher level or a professional education program. Types of Occupational Education The different types of occupational […]
Nothing is more thrilling to an engineer than finding a job in a country recognized for its top society, highest pay, and high quality of life. One of the most sought-after routes that offer this possibility includes visa 476 (Australia) (Skilled Recognized Graduation). This skilled-recognized graduate visa (476 Skilled Recognised Graduate visa) is a short-term […]
A visitor visa (subclass600) is a good option if parents want to travel to Australia and aren’t eligible for either the ETA/eVisitor visa. This visa allows you to stay in Australia for a maximum of three months. You may also be allowed to enter Australia up to five times. The visa allows you to enter Australia […]
Partner visas are sometimes also called de facto visas in Australia. Partner Visa – Australia visas are typically granted to the spouses or partners of permanent Australian citizens, residents in Australia, or eligible New Zealand citizens. Without much effort, a partner visa can easily be obtained for heterosexual and homosexual couples. You can apply for […]
The new law, which was in effect from July 2022, bars international students from Australian student Visa subclass 500 from changing their enrolled courses. Australian universities won’t allow international students to change their research topic, thesis, or course of study. Subclass 500 student visas were used before students could continue their studies at universities. They could […]

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