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What Is A Partner Visa –  Australia, And How Do You Apply?

Partner visas are sometimes also called de facto visas in Australia. Partner Visa – Australia visas are typically granted to the spouses or partners of permanent Australian citizens, residents in Australia, or eligible New Zealand citizens. Without much effort, a partner visa can easily be obtained for heterosexual and homosexual couples.

You can apply for a Partner Visa – Australia in two stages. The first is to get a provisional spouse visa. These visas are classified in subclasses 820 for those who live onshore and subclass 309 for those who reside offshore.

Once the applicant has been granted the provisional partnership visa, they must remain in the country for a specific period. Couples must meet the criteria to be granted a permanent partner visa. The Partner Visa – Australia can then be reissued if they have not met the requirements.

Different Types and Types of Partner Visas

Australian immigration policy has a range of different types of spouse visas and partner visas. Each applicant can apply based on their needs and meet the criteria to obtain one. Below are the three types of partner visas available to anyone interested in sponsoring an Australian partner.

Currently, there are three types of partner visas available in Australia.

  1. Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)
  2. Partner (Subclasses 309 and 100)
  3. Partner Visa Onshore-Subclass 820/801


  1. Temporary Partner Visa
  2. Permanent Partner Visa

How Does The Australian Partner Visa Work?

To sponsor you, your partner must either be an Australian citizen (or permanent resident) or a New Zealand citizen. In certain situations, your partner may not have the ability to sponsor you. For example, if your partner has previously sponsored another partner within the last five years, you must be either engaged or married.

Who Can Apply For This Visa?

You might be eligible for this visa if your spouse or de facto partner is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. For this visa to be granted, you must be in Australia. The application process consists of two stages. Assessing your relationship is the first stage in granting a temporary visa to a partner. You will be granted a temporary partner visa if your application is successful.

This visa will remain in force until your relationship is assessed for the grant of a permanent visa (subclass 820). This second-stage assessment often takes place two years after your original application. The second stage assessment can be completed in less than two years.

This is if your relationship lasted at least three years. It may also apply if you have a dependent child with your partner. If you have experienced family violence or your relationship with your partner ends before your visa is granted, you should get legal advice immediately.

What Are A Partner Visa – Australia Benefits?

The Temporary Partner visa gives you only limited benefits.

  • Work and live in Australia until your permanent partner visa (Subclass 801) is approved.
  • Study in Australia (without funding from the government)
  • Register for Medicare, Australia’s health-related insurance and expense plan.
  • In your application, please include dependent children (depending applicants must be in Australia to apply).
  • The Permanent Partner Visa, Subclass 801, includes all the benefits that come with Australian permanent residence:
  • Australia allows you to work and live for as long as you like.
  • Australia is an opportunity to study.
  • Register for Medicare, Australia’s state-run healthcare system.
  • Australian Citizenship Application Opportunity
  • Sponsor relatives to permanent residence
  • Take your pick of where to travel within and outside Australia.

Duration of the Partner Visa

There is no limit to the duration of the partner visa. Each variant comes with different terms, so limiting them to just one will be hard. After two years of living together in Australia, applicants for a provisional Partner Visa –  Australia are eligible for a review of their application.

After 24 months on a provisional partner visa, immigration authorities re-examine the application to see if the applicant meets all the requirements for obtaining a permanent partner visa. The couple must be together in a good relationship to qualify for the permanent partner visa. If they get separated or are divorced, their provisional visa may not be approved for permanent status.

What Are The Requirements To Obtain A Partner Visa For Australia?

The partner visa in Australia allows the applicant/spouse/partner of an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen, or an authorized New Zealand citizen to stay in Australia for an indefinite period.

For newly arrived in the country, the provisional subclass 820 partner visa is offered. It allowed the partner to stay in the country while they waited for their permanent visa applications to be processed. However, both visas require the same documentation and eligibility criteria.

Australia’s Onshore Partner Visa

An Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or eligible New Zealand citizen will qualify for an onshore visa as a partner. Once an applicant has been granted an onshore Temporary Partner Visa, they can apply for the following Australian citizenship duties:

  • You can remain in Australia as an independent citizen until your permanent partner visa is granted.
  • Studying in Australia
  • You can enroll in Australia’s Medicare plan.
  • Frequent travel within and outside of Australia.

Once an applicant has been granted a permanent onshore visa, they can apply for a green card.

  • Stay independent in Australia.
  • Australia offers many opportunities to study and work.
  • Eligible to get social security payment
  • If you’re eligible, can you apply for Australian citizenship?
  • You can sponsor your relatives to get permanent residency in Australia.

A five-year permit is granted to the applicant to travel to Australia. After that time, the applicant must apply for a visa program to allow him to return to Australia or obtain a resident return visa.

Offshore Partner Visa in Australia

A subclass 309 visa is an offshore Partner Visa – Australia. It allows applicants to apply for partner visas in Australia even if they’re not residing in Australia.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the steps to take if you intend to move outside Australia and apply for a partner visa?

If you want to live in Australia and have an offshore partner visa, the subclass 309 visa (Provisional Partner Visa) is required.

Which types of visas for spouses, family members, Family, and Partner Visa – Australia are there?

Here’s an overview of dependent Partner Visa – Australia.

  1. Prospective Marriage Visa.
  2. Application made inside Australia (Onshore Partner Visa)
  3. A Visa for the Parents of an Aged
  4. Parent Visa
  5. Parent Visa for Contributory (Temporary)

What happens when your application for Partner Visa –  Australia is rejected?

If your request is rejected, you may be able to ask for a review at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. As strict deadlines apply, you must seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

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